Welcome to my new site and my new weaving blog.  Since I’m just starting my journey with this site, this will be a quick blog post

The last year or so has been crazy for me with family changes, going back to school and general mayhem.  I’ve also grieved to watch the world splinter into factions that have become increasingly bitter and contentious.  I can always find peace at my loom, though, patiently dressing the most complex warps, finding the rhythm of weaving and connecting with the past by working with my hands.

What’s New

2019 marks a first for me.  I’ll be teaching my very first weaving workshop!  I’m working with the San Antonio Handweavers Guild to bring a modern overshot workshop.  We’ll be working round-robin on samples that are based on classic overshot, but add new, modern twists.  The workshop will be on October 25 and 26, 2019.

I’ll sign off now and get this published.

Weave on!